Are you tired of NOT HAVING the "CONFIDENCE" 
or "KNOW HOW" to get on Camera? 
Learn how YOU Can "Connect on Camera" and Skyrocket your Business! 

Learn the Hidden Secrets RIGHT AWAY, because NOW is the time to MASTER the skills of Connecting on Camera!



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Learn How To Quickly Engage with Your Clients and Customers on a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!


Be CONFIDENT on Camera once and for all?
Create 1-on-1 personal CONNECTIONS in your business?
Move past what’s holding you back from being ON CAMERA?
Learn how to make EFFECTIVE videos?
Elevate your brand beyond a logo and pictures through your AUTHENTIC PERSONALITY?
Gain a BROADER REACH for your business?
Move from dreading getting on camera, to feeling FIRED UP to get on camera?
Learn how to NETWORK with confidence? 
Gain followers who become RAVING FANS? 
If You Checked ANY Of The Boxes Above, Then This Course Will CHANGE YOU and YOUR BUSINESS FOREVER!

Hi, I'm Renée Marino

"Learning how to be your authentic self on camera is a MUST, not an OPTION." - Renée Marino

Top 10 Communication Coaches to Watch In 2021

With seventeen years of experience as a teacher, trainer, professional Broadway and Film actress working with the biggest names in the film industry, in addition to being interviewed on thousands of virtual and live stages, I understand the power of knowing how to connect on camera.

The Virtual World is here to stay, so if you cannot authentically connect on camera, then you will not be able to create relationships with your clients or co-workers, and your business will suffer and we don't want that, right?

As a communication coach, I help people who want more confidence and success learn to communicate effectively to live the life of their dreams. 


HERE'S THE TRUTH: I wasn’t always comfortable on camera, so I understand the feelings of anxiety, and fear when you think about being on video. 

I was once being interviewed on video, and the second I was asked about myself, my mind went blank, my mouth went dry, and my heart began racing. 

I went off on tangents trying to find the right words to speak, and when I walked out of the room that day, I felt completely disappointed with myself. Do you know the feeling?

This propelled me to take course after course from “techniques on camera,” to “be natural on camera,” to “be one with the camera,” and what I gained was more frustration, because the fear didn’t subside. Until one teacher said something to me that changed everything.  

Once I heard these words, and combined them with a structured process, magic happened. (The funny thing is, later down the road, those same exact words were repeated to me by a famous mentor of mine, which I’ll tell you all about when we work together.) 

This magic is what I am so excited to share with you in my workshop course. 

After Taking This Course You will Be Able to:

  • Connect with your customers through the power of great videos.
  • Share your message with the Virtual World.
  • Attract clients by being confident in your authentic self.
  • Break free from anything that holds you back. 
  • Get your Energy on Fire, and ready to tackle your videos.
  • Know what to wear to represent yourself in the best possible way.
  • Gain the technical tools of how to film clear and effective videos, right from the comfort of your home, even if you’re on a budget. 
  • Know exactly what to do when the camera goes on.
  • Understand the technique of how to watch your videos back without judging yourself.
  • Learn practice tactics that you can do anywhere, anytime!
"When You're Held Back from Getting on Camera, You're Wasting a GOLD MINE of Opportunities."
-Renée Marino

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get...



The Foundation to Becoming Confident On Camera

Breakdown of How to Connect on Camera:

($1,997 VALUE)

Remember: Time is money, and money is time. This workshop is ONLY 3 hours! Yes-3 hours. This means, not only are you not having to wait 6 months to learn a skill to skyrocket your business, but you’re doing it without having to watch a pre-recorded video on your own. This is broken down into 5 sections: 

5 Power P's to Connecting On Camera

  • Push Past What's Holding You Back! We'll identify what is holding you back, and crush it!
  • Power Up Your Energy! We'll talk about the importance of Energy in Making Videos, and how to get that Energy Moving, and Fired Up to make Amazing Videos.
  • ​​Prepare Your Thoughts and Surroundings! We'll discuss the Technical Elements needed to make your videos stand out. 
  • Press Record and Provide: We'll talk about the tactics that will connect you to your audience right away.
  • Practice Make Progress:  We'll discuss the strategies for making authentically connecting on camera your new habit!

Secret of Connecting Before You Say A Word:


Secret Technique: Here you will learn the secret to immediately connecting with your audience before you say a word. 

Legendary Advice from Hollywood's Elite:


Legendary Tactics: You will receive the game-changing advice that was given to me from a legend in the film industry who knows how to connect on camera better than anyone else. I will share the stories and experiences from on-set, that changed my life, and gave me the fuel to pivot in my career and begin teaching others how to connect on camera.

Behind the Scenes VIP Pass:

($297 VALUE)

Insider Information: This is part of theTraining where I share MY videos with YOU. Some of these videos are from one of the biggest virtual stages in the world, and some are from my own collection of personally created videos. We will watch them and I will be giving you the behind the scenes scoop about what I was feeling, and thinking at those moments, to show you that YOU.ARE.NOT.ALONE. Even those who are experts are IMPERFECT and you will see this first-hand!

Connecting on Camera Set Up Guide:

($97 VALUE)

No Guess Work Necessary: This Guide will save you HOURS of time that would be spent on the internet researching what lighting tools you need, comparing prices, and reading endless reviews. We all know how stressful that can become, right? I have done the research and spent the time to give you this tool, so you can simply click on the links and purchase. (No time wasted or stress here!) 

Video Preparation Check-list:

($97 VALUE)

No wasting Unnecessary Energy: This serves as your "Video-Creating Reminder," anytime that you're making a video. Let's face it. When we need to get on video, we want to focus on our message, and bringing our best selves to the video, when recording begins. We don't want to have to think about all of the things we have to prepare before we hit record, we just want to be able to focus on providing value to those we are meant to reach. So, I created this checklist to save you energy in having to recall these things, by those things being right there in front of you. Your only job is to look down at this printed document, make sure you've checked off the to-do's, and use the extra energy to bring the best YOU forward on your video! 

Q & A Time

($297 VALUE)

Time to Ask You Burning Questions:  I answer the Burning and frequently asked questions from my previous Connecting on Camera students. This allows you to move into your positive transformation quicker, and more effectively. 

SESSION 2: Follow Up & Build Your Audience 

In this session I answer FAQs & share more insider secrets to grow your audience!

Learn How To Create a Following of Raving Fans:

($197 VALUE)

Pique Your Audience's Interest: A high number of followers on social media is great, but what we want are raving fans, who are invested in who we are, what we do, and are willing to stick by us throughout our journey. This part of the course will explain how to gain not just followers, but raving fans!

Networking Tips & Tricks:

($197 VALUE)

Networking is the Key to Building Your Brand: So many people I talk to have such a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to “networking.” The truth is, networking is the path to collaboration, gaining more touch points to grow your business, and increasing opportunities to share your message. On Day 2, we will dive into techniques to help you network with confidence. 

Social Media Jump Start:

($197 VALUE)

Kick Start Your New Found Love of Creating Videos: You will receive a 1-month social media calendar for Facebook/Instagram, which will guide you in when to post your videos, and photos, with themes for the days of the week. This is intended to get you off and running with creating consistency on your posts!

Q & A Time:

($297 VALUE)

Time to Ask You Burning Questions: I answer the Burning and frequently asked questions from my previous Connecting on Camera students. This allows you to move into your positive transformation quicker, and more effectively. 

Facebook Accountability Group:

($297 VALUE)

Practice in a Safe Space: You will become a part of our Private Facebook Group. Having a place to go with other like-minded individuals who have the same goal as you-to become more comfortable and confident getting on camera-is one of the most VALUABLE RESOURCES you can possibly have. Accountability is one of the most critical components of implementing and maximizing the tools that you learn, and with this private Facebook Group that you Gain, that Accountability is yours.  

Personal Feedback

Phase 3: Renée's Personal Feedback on YOUR Video!

Renée's Feedback On Your Very Own Video!!

($597 VALUE)

Personalized Coaching Notes: Included in your package is the opportunity to create a video, and send it to me for feedback. This video needs to be sent within 2 weeks after the Zoom Follow up. (The reason why, is because the sooner you do this right after the course is complete, the more likely you are to solidify what was just learned, thus making authentically connecting on camera your new normal.) 

Here's How You Get Renée's Personalized Coaching Notes!

Personal Review of your Submitted Video
Renee will personally review your 1 to 3 minute video.
Your Own Personal Coaching Notes
Renée will then analyze and record Personalized Coaching Notes. 
Email Sent to You with Notes 
Within 10 Business Days (or sooner) you will receive via email your Personalized Coaching Notes from Renée.


  BONUS #1: The Pro's "Vocal & Facial Warm Up."
These are the vocal and facial warm ups the pros use before they get on film. I will immediately send you this in your Thank You Email to start getting you prepped for the couse!

($57 VALUE)

BONUS #2: "Physical/Energy Warmup", to get your Energy Fired-UP to Create Impactful Videos.
This is another MUST when we are getting ready to connect with our viewers through the camera. This warmup is not about sweating like we're at a gym, it's about increasing our energy, and endorphins so we feel POWERFUL when we create our videos. Remember, we want to give ourselves every possible chance to be at our best on video, and when we move our bodies, our mental state is improved, and we are more ready to connect authentically on camera!

($57 VALUE)

 BONUS #3: "Belly Breath Box Breathing" Warmup to Keep you Calm and In Control while Connecting on Camera. 

This breathing technique is a powerful tool used by Navy SEALs, and athletes. It helps to calm the nervous system, and focus the mind and body. Former US Navy SEALs Commander, Mark Divine said in Forbes, "Box breathing is a technique that helps you to take control of your automatic breathing patterns to train your breath for optimal health and performance." 


    BONUS #4: "Holding Yourself Accountable"
“I Claim Statements”-these allows you to DECLARE that what you desire is yours!"

“The Power of Connecting on Camera.”-Gives you a place to track your next six videos, and write down a deadline to hold yourself accountable!

($47 VALUE)

BONUS #5: "Mindset and Communication Mastery Journal PDF "
 It’s called, “Mindset and Communication Mastery Journal,” with different writing prompts to keep you communicating with the most important person every morning – Yourself ☺ 

($15.00 VALUE)

 BONUS #6: "Master Communicators Community Discount Club" 
As members of my community, you will always be the first to know of upcoming courses, etc., therefore get a discounted rate!


Total Value : $4997

The secret of change is to learn the skills that allow you to move your focus off of YOU and onto those who you are SERVING!  

$4997 ONLY $297!



Here's A Quick Look At What Doors Communication Opened For Renée!

Renée Marino is a Professional Communication Coach who recently Co-Hosted Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi’s first-ever virtual “World Summit.” As a communication coach, she teaches numerous programs including, "Connecting on Camera," which helps new and established entrepreneurs get past their fears around being on video. Renée also trains companies to communicate authentically with their clients as well as coaches one-on-one.

Whether it's for Zoom meetings, live videos, sale videos or just Going Live, Renée provides the Tools and Guidance THAT SHE HAS USED to bring her most confident self to the camera. These are the very same Tools that have propelled Renée through Three Different Industries and Skyrocketed Her Career.   

Renée has inspired people worldwide as a coach and longtime performer, with her energy, relatability, and authentic spirit. She has spoken, performed, and been interviewed on thousands of live and virtual stages, and she has signed a book deal with Morgan James to publish her first nonfiction book called, "Becoming a Master Communicator."

Here Is Everything 
You'll Get When You Join:

YES!! Give Me Access To The Connecting On Camera Course and Bonuses RIGHT NOW!!

Session 1: Gets You Ready to Be On Camera Immediately

  • Breakdown of How to Connect on Camera  (Value $1,997)
  • ​Secret of Connecting of Camera Before You Speak (Value $297)
  • ​Legendary Advice from Hollywood's Elite (Priceless)
  • Behind the Scenes VIP Pass to Renée's videos from one of the Biggest Virtual Stages (Value $297)
  • Connecting On Camera Studio Setup Guide (Value $97)
  • ​Connecting on Camera Video Checklist (Value $97) 
  • ​Questions & Answers Session 1 (Value $297)

Session 2: Taking It To The Next Level

  • Learn How To Create a Following of Raving Fans (Value $197)
  • Learn Renée Authentically Networking Tips That Transformed Her Career (Value $197)
  • Social Media Jumpstart Strategy (Value $197) 
  • Q & A Session 2 (Value $297)
  • ​Private Facebook Group (Value $297)

Sign Up Today 
Bonus Pack

  • Professional Vocal & Facial Warm-Up (Video) (Value $57)
  • Professional Physical& Energy Warm-Up (Video) (Value $57)
  • ​​Belly Breath Box Breathing Technique (Video) (Value $57)
  • ​​Holding Yourself Accountable Tools (Value $47)
  • ​​Mindset and Communication Mastery PDF Journal (Value $15)
  • Master Communicators Community Discount Club Pass ($$)

Total Value : $4997

The secret of change is to learn the skills that allow you to take your focus off of YOU, and onto those who you are SERVING!

$4997 ONLY $297!


Listen to what just some of Renée Clients are saying about her!

"When I saw the live videos made by Renée Marino in the Comeback Challenge of Tony Robbins I immediately thought Wow! She is so natural on camera! I am the opposite of that!! I have always been scared of speaking into a camera. So when I saw that Renée was doing a course online to learn how to do this I knew in the deepest of my heart that I had to participate and I did! Since that day I have made so much progress. I am doing Live videos now in challenges and I like it! I highly recommend working with Renée Marino!  
Eva Feltman
"If you feel shy to speak up or lack the energy to, then Renée’s workshop is for you. I have always been an introvert and so speaking into a camera was never my take, but since meeting Renée Marino and attending her workshop 'Connecting on Camera' I feel more confident, relaxed, and excited to get on camera and get my message out on video.
Renee has an authentic style in teaching, her passion, zeal, and energy is contagious, so be prepared to never want to leave your camera alone once you complete this workshop. And remember, once you get through this workshop, your confidence will let you do anything. 
Renee thank you for waking up the inner communication hero within me. He loves the Camera now.

Sidney Soares
If you are on sidelines because you are camera shy....then you must Do this!!! I took Renee’s class and no kidding it took me from phobic to fearless!!!
She offers fun, simple, concrete tips and strategies in her class that melted my phobia. And oh....Best tip of all? No tips work IF I DON’T GET ON CAMERA and do the reps!!!
Now I am EXCITED to put in the live time on FB to become a Master Communicator!!!!
Ask yourself, “how much money am I losing because I am camera phobic?”
Everything is about communicating live online! Really this is a no brainer and the quickest payback.

Lorraine Thomson
If there is one person on this planet who will better help you make authentic connections, give your brand and business unparalleled personality, and make you unstoppable when it comes to getting in front of the camera, it is Renée Marino!
With her course, “Connecting on Camera,” Renée is focused on one thing and one thing only, over-delivering until you are completely comfortable on camera all the while removing all fears when you step in front of the lens! With her one-of-a-kind, out-going personality, and teaching strategies, Renée will give you the skillset, tools and confidence you need to broaden your reach, build your business, grow one-on-one connections and grow your brand beyond just logos and photos.
Renée’s value has been invaluable to me! She has helped transform me in ways I could never do alone or with any other content. I say with a full-heart, you can honestly stop your search because Renee is truly the person for you! Get ready to eliminate all fears and start connecting on camera and build your brand and business in ways you never thought possible!

Patrick Williams
Renee’s workshop was one of the best things I did this year. I have dramatically improved my communication as well as my confidence in communication with the help of Renée. Renée gave me tools and techniques not only to be an effective communicator on camera with all the technicalities but also helped me recognize and root out limiting beliefs. I can’t believe what a dramatic difference I see in myself not only in videos but also in my professional life. I have to say, Renée gives more than you would expect and even after you are finished with the course, you’ll keep gaining from her. You can see, she loves giving and helping people. She is truly the best at what she does in helping people gain confidence and be an effective communicator, be it camera or real life.

Poorva Furey
You've got nothing to lose, and all to gain. 

A Closer Look at Who is Teaching 

World-class Learning for Anyone, Anywhere

You’re being taught by an expert who was trained by one of the biggest names in the film industry, in her past career of seventeen years as a professional actress on Broadway and in film. She has spent years developing the skill of being comfortable on camera through her constant training, and her endless experience on video, whether for film, television, or for live and virtual interviews. 

In addition, her ability to connect on camera is what landed her onstage as a co-host of Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi’s first-ever virtual World Summit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Could you help me even if I shake every time the camera turns on?

Yes, and you are not alone in this. Many of my clients have this same struggle and this is why we address this in the workshop.

Can you guarantee that this will boost my business?

I can assure you that what you learn through this workshop will help YOU, which in turn automatically helps your business. This workshop will provide you the tools to be able to authentically connect on camera.  How much it boosts your business comes down to how much you practice these tools and implement them into your videos.

Can this Workshop help me even if I hate the way I look on Camera?

YES, and YES! One of the hardest things to do in regards to video is to see and hear yourself, so I provide a strategy for this.

What if I've never been on Camera Before?

That is A-okay! This course is for all levels of experience on video. The tools and practices are simple and easy to implement, no matter what level of experience you may have on camera. Truth be told, its better when you've had NO experience, because then you don't have to UNLEARN anything!

Who This Course Is NOT for: 

Someone looking to learn the nitty-gritty of editing videos, and all that entails. This workshop is not for someone looking to find out the newest and most high-tech cameras, lenses or lighting equipment.  While we will touch on these topics they will not be the core focus of the course.  This course is all about strategy!

Remember, the Virtual World is Here to Stay, so don’t waste anymore time! Invest in yourself and your business by Learning a skill that is a MUST-Connecting on Camera!

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